GPACC Members Give Presentations at Atlantic City Chinese New Year Festival

Sat, 2009-01-17

On the afternoon of January 17, GPACC members were invited to the Chinese New Year Celebration hosted by Atlantic City Public Library. Students of the Minghui School performed traditional Chinese dance; GPACC President Dr. Jingduan Yang lectured for more than one hour on Chinese medicine, qigong, and health; and GPACC volunteers demonstrated the ancient art of calligraphy. Viewers delighted in hearing more about traditional Chinese forms and were especially taken with the calligraphy demonstration. Kyungmi Lee, Event Coordinator for the library, was very grateful to GPACC members for their excellent presentations. 

  Minghui School of GPACC presents “Lotus Flowers”
  Dr. Jingduan Yang, GPACC president, lectures on Chinese medicine and healing techniques
  GPACC members’ Chinese calligraphy table fascinates Westerners

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